No. 5188 in accordance with the conditions of the law on private security services, MIS SAFETY TRAINING INSTITUTIONS INC. was established on 11.26.2004 Consent form approved by the Ministry of the Interior on January 10, 2005 by business, Special Security Training began.

Study of various shift systems is planned in accordance with the appropriate groups according to the different demands by creating editable.
According to the regulations for the implementation of the law on private security services, defined the basic training program, refresher training, weapons, shooting lessons with the knowledge and lessons that may be required according to organization and facilities can be added to the program.
Educational institution of professional trainers are meticulously selected from courses taught by experts.
Our organization has the capacity to tutor students in 420 per month; projection and so on. modern classrooms equipped with auxiliary materials, such as devices with the necessary training to meet the minimal needs.